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Who is Bored?

A quiet lurker who lives in the shawdows of hiding the glory of his vast knowledge of the ins and outs of Turing. Bored is a member of who like many members started out as an avid contributer, but slowly faded away from the site. But unlike the rest Bored returned to fade away again, only to return and fade away many more times. He is also a irregular member of the IRC Channel, and has a distaste for the Name-switching game as it's throws his mind into a state of confussion.

Why The Heck Bored?

Well you see curious compadre, there was a time when Bored loved to play Unreal Tournament online but back then he was not know as Bored but by a dull tastless name that has been lost with the sands of time. Then one day bored as usual he began to see the error of his ways and decided to better show himself to the online world. he began a quest for the ultimate name, and after failing due to the amount of effort it required he settled on naming himself after the way he felt at the moment. And thus Bored was introduced to the online world.

*Note: He is also know as Canadian Ehhh when he is dealing with matters relating to XBOX and Live as his gamertags are Canadian Ehhh and Canadian Ehhh2.

Education and Programming Experience

Bored is currently a first year in the B.C.S. Computer Science (Hon.) Computer Game Development Stream at Carleton University. He has been programming for over six years now but mostly since grade 10. He has a strong knowledge of the programming language Turing, stronger then he would like. He has learnt a few languages over the years including Python, QBASIC (eeeewwwwww....), C++, C, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C# and a few others to varying extents. He is currently working mostly in Java for it is the language used in COMP 1405 Intro. to Object Oriented Programming for which he currently has a perfect mark.

A Little About Bored

Bored is a real person who lives in a house residence somwhere, though I can name a few who would not beleive such nonsense. He enjoys many things about computers such as Computer Science, gaming, and the internet, but also enjoys things outside his front door such as snowboarding, hockey, hiking, canoeing, etc. He likes long walks on the never heard that. He also enjoys music, more specificly Punk, with some of his favouritest bands being NOFX, Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Matches, Death By Stereo, Millencolin, Rise Against, Hot Water Music, and many other that have slipped my mind. Oh yes he is lazy thus he used to be a Windows user and faced the critisism constantly. But after the breaking of his windows installation, he had set up a dual boot of Ubuntu Linux and Widows 98. After getting his current laptop he has left the defualt Vista on there and dual booted with Ubuntu once again.



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