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Who is Cornflake?

Cornflake's current avatar

Cornflake joined the forums in 2004 after hearing about from it's two of it's key members Tony and Martin. He is a decent C/C++/Pascal programmer, but knows many other languages well enough to be able to help out. Cornflake is usually fairly good when it comes to helping people who ask nicely, but has been known to be a complete ass to people who do or say dumb things. Usually these people fall under the title of noob and are equally despised by all.

Cornflake is a student at the University of Waterloo, and can usually be found lurking in the IRC channel. He is also the only member of compsci to have seen the illusive giant 42.


Got up one morning at camp hungery. Very hungry. So I ate three boxes (yes boxes) of cornflakes.[1]

Past Avatars

The Original
New and Improved
Duck Style
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