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Aaron DM's DP


About AMailer

Amailer joined on June 22nd 2003, he is currently 12 years old (2006) (not 16 dispite what he might say) and he is in High School. His name is Aaron, simply Aaron not Aaron-chibi or Aaron-chan, or even Aaron-chibi-chan o.O

Why the name 'AMailer'?

Well Amailer was his first PHP project, or mini-script ever.
Although it was a total pointless and worthless and...crappy (Ah, why did he create it!) project, he became known for it around the web especailly in games (like CS 1.6, AA, JKA and etc) and then started using as a nickname so people could identify him easily, and thats pretty much it...

You might also see him using these other aliases such as:
Zaraki (Zar), TheOneToKill (Actually, his friend took that now; Only in AA will you see him using that), and GFX-PRO

And in case your wondering why "AMailer" was written with a capital M, its simply because that’s the way its suppose to be pronounced, not "Amailer" :) It means Anonymous Mailer after all (And there is no such word as Amailer)

How Old is Amailer?

Amailer is 12 years old and has been since he joined the forums nearly 3 years ago. He often attempts to argue with this fact, but has yet to produce any real evidence.




Anime (Personal Ratings)

  • Bleach (8/10)
  • FMA (10/10)
  • Noir (6.5/10)
  • Mai HiME (7/10)
  • Love Hina [ALL] (8.5/10)
  • Suzuka (6/10)
  • Naruto (6/10)
  • Inuyasha (5/10)
  • GTO (8/10)
  • He Is My Master (4/10)
  • Flame of Recca (5/10)
  • Grander Musashi (4/10)
  • Witch Hunter Robin (3/10
  • .hack//sigh (4/10)
  • Mai Otome (4/10)
  • Onegai Sensei (6/10)
  • Onegai Twins (4/10)

Web sites - v2 Posted... - Aaron's Blog - A project he was working on until... his windows crashed and he had to re-install it losing the whole database.' - The AMailer project which is now currently SHUTDOWN, latest version released: phpBB Hack

Take note that all these sites are still hosted on a non-24/7 server (personal computer) so its not up all the time :D or most of the time

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