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Avatar Themes consist of a set of avatars for various users, all following a common theme. The theme is decided upon in the IRC Channel.



Coutsos and Cervantes make a new theme in the first few days of each month. Others will sometimes join, such as Hikaru79 and Cornflake.

Coutsos' avatars are often a Ninja'd version of something in the theme, while Cervantes' avatars are always Pirated (oh, oh, pun!).



Turns out alot of people type "Pythong" when they mean to type "Python" and somebody decided to take advantage of it.

Hasselhoff original Hasselhoff the only other decent one Hasselhoff weird... Hasselhoff AYBABTU!

What the Duck?

The first, and biggest, avatar theme was DuckFest.

The Baldur's Gate Revolution

The next avatar theme, of Cervantes' creation, was the NPC's from Baldur's Gate. Cervantes took Minsc, Cornflake Edwin, and El Comandante Garrick.

Cervantes - Pirate Minsc Cornflake - Edwin El Comandante - Garrick

Chuck Norris

In December 2005, Cervantes and Coutsos made Chuck Norris avatars.

Cervantes - Pirate Chuck Coutsos - Musashi Norris

Penny Arcade Violence

In January 2006, Cervantes and Coutsos made avatars involving violence in Penny Arcade.

Cervantes - Modified Nerf Weapons Coutsos - BrownHairedGuy strangled

Calvin and Hobbes

In February 2006, Hikaru79, Coutsos, and Cervantes made avatars of Calvin and Hobbes. Hikaru79 had a Calvin and Hobbes avatar for a long time, and had promised to partake in some of the previous avatar themes, though he never did. So, Cervantes and Coutsos brought this month's avatar theme to Hikaru79.

Cervantes - Pirate Calvin Hikaru79 - Hobbes Coutsos - Hobbes


March 2006's avatar theme was actors or characters from movies.

Cervantes - Pirate Elrond Coutsos - Ninja Han Solo Gandalf

Hello Kitty

To go along with the April Fools joke of 2006, some users (without their consent) changed their avatars to a Hello Kitty theme.

Hacker Dan - Cyborg Kitty Tony - Hell-o Satan Timmy - Pirate Kitty Star - Stop the Evil Amailer

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