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[18:49] <cyborg> is Dan really your first name? [18:49] <dservos> sure [18:49] <cyborg> or isnt some pyseudoem for irc [18:50] <dservos> it's not like it's not hard to find my real name [18:50] <dservos> i go to no effort to hide it [18:50] <cyborg> then what is it? [18:50] <cyborg> what do u mean? [18:50] <cyborg> so dan isnt really ur name [18:50] <dservos> i mean any one can find out my name, address, phone number, etc with a bit of work [18:51] <dservos> i have been invloded in serveral projects where my hole name is stated [18:51] <cyborg> well im not intereted in that... [18:51] <dservos> it might even be on [18:51] <cyborg> well if dan isnt really ur name [18:51] <cyborg> stop toying with me [18:51] <dservos> and i think it's on my blog too [18:51] <cyborg> ur making me feel stupid [18:52] <cyborg> is it phillipe deonuatry or whaatever? [18:52] <dservos> well it's not hard to find out what it is [18:52] <cyborg> cause thats the java thing to load this channel, the certificate ir whatever [18:52] <cyborg> *thing [18:53] <cyborg> answer me this, is it Dan or no? [18:53] <dservos> i thought i did [18:53] <cyborg> u werent clear [18:53] <dservos> no it's Phil [18:54] <cyborg> Phillipe Denonautry or something like that? [18:54] <dservos> why do you want to know my name? [18:56] <cyborg> haha [18:56] <cyborg> mere curiousity [18:56] <cyborg> so that is ur name correct? [18:57] <dservos> you tell me [18:57] <dservos> is it? [18:57] <cyborg> i believe so [18:57] <cyborg> since thats the fucking name that comes up in the certificate everytime [18:57] <cyborg> i load this channel [18:57] <cyborg> from [18:57] <cyborg> and phil being short for phillipe [18:58] <cyborg> logic says yes it is [18:58] <cyborg> :) [18:58] <dservos> well you relay out smarted me borg [18:58] <cyborg> oh but why Dan? [18:58] <cyborg> like u wish u were named dan [18:58] <cyborg> haha [18:58] <dservos> to trick noobs like you [18:58] <cyborg> Icc, but I'm no longer tricked [18:58] <dservos> well what ever you do don't tell any one [19:01] <cyborg> well given the fact you go into no effort to conceal it nor make it diffiucult to find, and also given the fact it comes every time one loads this channel, those ppl. probably already know your real name [19:01] <cyborg> therefore it makes no difference [19:02] <dservos> you would be suprised [19:02] <cyborg> if i "tell anyone" [19:02] <cyborg> really [19:02] <cyborg> ??? [19:02] <cyborg> haha [19:02] <cyborg> guess ppl. arent smart afterall

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