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May 10th, 2006 will be hosting and administering the DWITE programming contest starting Fall 2006.

We have set up a Blog to publish information about the progress of contest's implemintation, as well as other news, and Tony's rants. It is likely that it will be much more up-to-date and detailed than this news sniplet here.

--Tony 12:20, 10 May 2006 (EST)

December 11th, 2005

Big updates are coming over the x-mas break, starting with new software installed on the server like this wiki, a blog and much more. Though due to these upgrades, the site may be down for some time during the break. Hopefully everything will go over well and we will have a brand new verson to come back to in the new year.

In other news there are serveral virii going around that may slow down the site, especially relating to the mail server. The 1st one affects phpbb installs and is slowing down the site searching for exploits, though this virus can not actually harm the site due to our scripts but it's trying could slow us down a bit. The 2nd is yet another e-mail based virus which is overwelming our host's mail server, making all e-mail based activities on our site delayed up to a few hours.

--Hacker Dan 17:20, 11 December 2005 (PST)

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