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What it dose

The server is the computer that hosts the all of the websites and services in our network. It incudles the main fourms, the blog, wiki, bug tracker, mail system, hosting for users, and almost anything realted to It also hosts realted projects like and user projects as well as CVS respositorys and a jabber server. We also plan to add things like an IRC_channel IRC server to it resorce primiting.

Where it is

The server is a dedicated server in a data center run by It is located in East Lansing, Michigan and meets Tier-1 providers on redundant fiber optic lines, tho it is behind a 10Mbps switch (this maybe upgraded to 100Mbps if we get the moeny). Our ip sapce witch is rented from corenetworks is -

This is the closet localtion we could get to where the magority of our users are for a fair price. Unforntly canadian data rates are higgher then in the US and sadly this also means we fall partly fall under the DMCA.

IP Info

  • - All things other then the core domain and service. Like dwite
  • - The core parts, the main site, subdomains and sub dirs.

Server Stats

Services Running

Current Status

The server has been installed in the rack in the corenetworks data center and we are now working on seting it up for use by

To Do

Main To Do

The fallowing list of things have to be done befor the server can go live:

  • Move files over
  • Move user files over
  • Try to move mail over
  • Make a good webmail page with diffrent webmail porgrams to use.
  • Add other webmail porgrams
  • Set up the DNS info for all the domains
  • Add virutal servers for each domain and subdomain
  • Install Ruby on Rails
  • Set up dwite
  • Move over e-mail accounts (mailboxes) and set them up in postfix
  • Move over e-mail forwords and alaies and set them up in postfix
  • Forword the raw ips to somewhere
  • Set up unix user accounts
  • Set up unix user groups
  • Set up ftp accounts
  • Install a php optmizer
  • Test everything alot
  • Set up CVS right
  • Set up jabber server
  • Set up usermin
  • Force tony to remeber his passwords
  • Test backup system and set up more off site backup sites
  • Set up protected dirs
  • Others

Whont To Do

The fallowing are things i whont on the server but are not 100% needed for the server to go live:

  • Shorewall
  • Quota System
  • Recomplie kerneral
  • Add spam filitering of some kind
  • Add virues checks on mail and uploaded files
  • Find a way to get MON messages to go to my cell phone
  • Get Security Sentries working
  • Set up BIND and get it working as our DNS server
  • Add Majordomo List Manager
  • Set up https for as an option for all users
  • Set up a webproxy for use by things like dwite juge
  • Add better/good loging software and log anyalizing software
  • Get Bandwidth Monitoring working
  • Others

How to help out

I may need some help with this server config stuff from time to time. Some of the things i need help with right now are:

  • Recompling the keneral for shorewall and quota with out geting the server in a non rebooting state
  • Seting up a spam filiter for postfix that dose not kill the hole mail system.
  • Seting up BIND and how to get your own DNS server working

Contact me on msn or irc for more info. We can only give trusted users access to the server tho.

Special Thanks and Credits

The fallowing users where of alot of help well seting up the server and need more then just a thanks on this page (list is in no order):

  • rizzix : For helping to set up postfix and the mail system.
  • md : For saving the server when i broke it.

Thanks goses out to the other users for moral support and some small tips along the way:

Ideas and Suggestions

If you have an idea for somting to put on the server or use it for leave it down here with your name.

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