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Data Base Layout


This is where the news events on the main page go. Thess are not curently placed on the calander but we could chage that if we whont.


This table holds all the info about the contest but should NOT be use for storing rank, score, teams, users, ect and should just be about the the contest. When a contest is added here it is placed on the contest caladar and on the list of past or upcoming contest depending on the date and time.


This is simpley a list of contorys. I like have such data in the database so we can do more dyanick things with it like contory codes, contry names if difrent langues, ect.


Thess are the links on the link page.


This stores the infromation about what team is doing what contest. This should probly be restrucred a bit to alow for users with out a team to particape in contest that do not have teams.


Much like countries this is just a simple list that i like to have to increas the dynaickness of the code and alow for futtuer things.


Holds all the schools info much like the team table but for schools. More will have to be added to this table. One of the schools in this table should be an called "indepentdent" and have a speahal id for teams formred over the net or that has members form more then one school but still whonts to pertisapte in none school spficet matches.


Holds all the teams info much like the schools table but for teams. More will have to be added to this table.


This table holds the types for teams and schools. A type id of -1 means all types. This table is also used by contest table to tell what types the contest is open to.


This holds all the users info, incuding there username, password and what team they are on if any. Alot is going to have to be added on to this table.


  • Thess tables are only some starting ones and hardly make up the hole data base. We will need to add more.
  • Rember that we should be using the Ruby on Rails naming convetion for the table names and col names.
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