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  • id - int(11), key, auto_increment
  • name - varchar(255)
  • desc - text
  • start_date - int(255)
  • type_id - int(11)
  • long_desc - text


The key id.


The name of the contest.


A short description of the contest that is displayed on the main page. HTML is curently striped out in the view for staftey reasons.


A time stamp of when the contest will start. Is there a better way of combding a date and time then a unix time stamp? If so we should probly chage this. Also we may whont to add an end_date col if the contest are going to be of difrent lengths. Tho the end_date could be dealt with by the back end.


This respesents the type of contest, as in what type of teams the contest is open to. See the type table and main data base for more information. -1 is for all types.


A long description of the contest for the contests about page. HTML is curently striped out in the view for saftey reasons.

Used By

This table id is used in participants.


  • More columes will most like have to be added to this table.
  • start_date could be updated with somthing better then a unix time stamp if posiable.
  • end_date could be added for more dyanickness and control of the back end.
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