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  • id - int(11), key, auto_increment
  • name - varchar(255)
  • address - varchar(255)
  • province_id - int(11)
  • city - varchar(255)
  • postal_code - varchar(10)
  • country_id - int(11)
  • about - text
  • user_id - int(11)


The key id.


The name of the school.


The address of the school.


The id coseponding to the provicne the school is in. See the provinces table.


The city the school is in.


The postal code of the school. Code should be added during registation to check if the postal code is vaild, it is curently not checked.


The country id corsponding to the country the school is in. See the countries table.


Some info for the about page for the school. HTML is striped out of this text threw the view.


This is the id of the user who registered the school. In theroy this should also be the user who is supervsing the teams registered under this school. See the users table.

Used By

This tables id is used by teams.


  • We code do some cool stuff with the postal codes of all the schools like plot them on a map and other fun stuff. So postal code valdiation could be a good idea.
  • Most likey we will be adding a few coloumns to this table.
  • I guse the user_id coloumn is kind of oddly named as it is not very descriptive, tho it saved a few secods of coding ;)
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