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The following details any legal threats sent to or relating to or All legal threats sent to Dan, Tony, or will end up here from now on.


On August 5, 2008 LanSchool sent the following letter to Dan about the page LanSchool on this wiki: [1].

More on the issue can be found on the blog here: [2]

This issue was resolved peacefully by both sides coming to agreement with some changes to the wiki page. More on this can be found here: [3].

Michael Gontier

On February 16th, 2009 Michael Gontier sent the following via e-mail to Tony and Dan about a post that the user zeldamaster1230 made in 2004 here: [4]

from	Michael G <>
date	Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 9:00 PM
subject	Slander, Criminal allegations
It has been brought to my attention by colleagues of mine that my name
has been indexed on google linking to a blog on this website. After a quick google search of "michael gontier" I found said post as hit #7.
The absurd comments contained within could be classified as nothing other than
slanderous, if not criminal. My name is not one that is common so I am
taking these accusations personally and I ask that they are removed
immediately so that further action is not required. Thank-You in advance,

We agreed to remove part of the last name from the post in question to be nice however we do not believe that we where in any way at fault and clearly state,, Tony and Dan are not responsible for the content of users posts or comments on the site and if there is any slander or libel (witch there is not in this case) it would be the fault of the user. Furthermore all content on and should be taken as opinion and we do not see how comments and posts can be taken as anything but opinion.

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