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Welcome to the Wiki

This Wiki is for anything relating to Computer Science, the site, any technology-related stuff, or anything you want that is within reason. It is free to edit for everyone as long as they respect others and the site. We welcome any new pages you can think of, or anything you can add to our existing ones (incuding this one!). This wiki is for the users of; it is up to you to add or update the content of this wiki! Current News will be hosting and administering the DWITE programming contest starting Fall 2006.

We have set up a Blog to publish information about the progress of contest's implemintation, as well as other news, and Tony's rants. It is likely that it will be much more up-to-date and detailed than this news sniplet here.

--Tony 12:20, 10 May 2006 (EST)

The News Page.

Highlighted Pages

IRC Channel - Info on the IRC Channel

BBCode Learn to use BBCode to format your posts

Tutorials - All your favourite tutorials, only here instead!

WCG - World Community Grid

Dictionary of Dan - The New Dictionary of Dan project.

DuckFest - What The Duck?

Special:Allpages - All Pages

Want to write a new page? Then check out Special:Wantedpages. It is a list of all the pages people want to be writen up. So if you have no idea about what to write about, try here.

How to use the Wiki

The Wiki works like many other popular wikis and is self explainatory for the most part. Though below are some tips on it's use:

Adding a page

  1. Go to the page you want the new page to be linked from.
  2. Click on the edit tab to edit the page. Add a link to the page you wish to create. The way to create a link is to place the new page's title in brackets. [ [ Page title ] ] (without the spaces)
  3. Save the page. Your link will show up as a red link which, when clicked, will bring you to an edit page for your new page.
  4. Edit and save your new page.


  1. Type the following into your browser, where [Page Title] is the title of the page you wish to create.
  2. [Page Title]
  3. Add content and save.

Computer Science Links

Links - Links Page

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