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Who is Mazer?

Mazer was a proud Greek man studying computer science at the University of Windsor. He was one of the earliest remaining members of, though his existence is woven in fog. Being a ninja, Mazer tried to remain as stealthy as possible. He achieved this through numerous name changes and by his ordinary rank on, despite the fact that he was a moderator. Mazer was the original creator of the IRC channel. He was the author of Evasive Maneuvers. He was a leader in the monthly Avatar Themes. Mazer went out for milk one night, and has yet to return.

The Name

Mazer's name began as "Mazer", then it was later changed to "Coutsos", which happens to be his last name. He goes by either "Coutsos" or more prevalently "niko" on the IRC channel. In early 2006, he changed his name back to "Mazer", creating a vast deal of confusion.

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