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In literal terms, "noob" is simply a title describing somebody who is new to something. (related terms: newbie, newb) In practice, however, it is meant to be a form of disrespect. Not only is the person's new-ness being pointed out, but also it is made clear that this is causing a problem, regardless of whether it is intentional or can be helped.

The Newbcake Rank

The newbcake is a very rare honour given to only those who show above average noobishness. Most Newbcakes are arrogant and just do not seem to want to leave even after receiving such a rank. It is believed that there is a secret society of the noob and that some day they will try to rule the earth but fail miserably after forgetting to null terminate their strings. The Newbcake rank is one of's special Ranks and can only be gain through the magical powers that be.

The Newbcakes

MihaiG perviously known as El Comandante

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