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Standard Ranks

There are 12 standard ranks on compsci.ca:

RankPosts Required
NewBe Programmer15
NewBe Hacker128
Kick Ass Hacker512
NewBe God768
Programming God1024
L33T Programmer1536
Tony's Clone2048
CompSci God3072

Special Ranks

In addition to the standard ranks there are also quite a few custom ranks. Usually these are reserved for moderators and admins (or long time members who have contributed lots... or begged...). Here is a list of the special ranks:
LAMER - Martin
pwn3d Admin - Hacker Dan
oni - Tony
whatdotcolor Warrior - Andy
Emo Neko - Nick
classhole - md
Unknown Entity - Purple Hippo
Just Freaky - Clayton
IRC Mod - rdrake
Megatokyo fanboy - Boo-chan
PirateMod - Cerventes
teh bunny - brenn
chopstick girl - Aoi
compsci princess - papatya

Some unfortunate members acquire titles though stupidity or spectacularly poor judgement, usually these are noobs. They get a rank of "just newbcake".

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