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== RQS Examples ==
== RQS Examples ==
[ The Hacker Duck RQS]
[ The Hacker Duck RQS]
[ Minsc Quotes]
[ Minsc Quotes]

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The Rotating Quotes System (RQS) is a bit of code, often php, that creates an image based on a random element of an array of quotes. The image is then linked to using [img[/img] tags in a user's signature.


The RQS was originally brought to by beard0, in which he showed off a bunch of strange quotes. Later, when Cervantes was creating his Baldur's Gate Revolution, he couldn't decide on what his signature should be. He knew he had to have some sort of "Pirate Minsc says:" quote, to follow in the steps of his DuckFest signature. But there are so many incredible Minsc quotes. So Cervantes elected to create his own RQS, which was essentially beard0's RQS but with a modified array of quotes.

Hacker Dan then stepped it up a notch, and created his own Hacker Duck RQS, which sported such features as quoting the sigs of various users, or taking quotes from some unknown pool of wealth.

RQS Examples

The Hacker Duck RQS

Minsc Quotes

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