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About TheFerret

TheFerret joined on Feburary 15, 2004 to become more advanced in the art of Turing and Java programming. TheFerret is currently 17 years old and goes to St. Clair Secondary School in Sarnia, Ontario. He is currently in grade 12 and plans to go to UofW for chemical engineering but he will have to raise his calculus mark about 60 so he has at least a small chance to be admitted. His real name is Travis. (He also has to do better in English, since his sucks really badly at times) Some things he likes to do on his spare time include: wrestling on the school team, robotics with the school, Iron Colts and he also likes to read and dabble with computer stuff.

Why "TheFerret"

Don't know why, ferrets are cool and I want two of them, so there... *stop looking at me like that*




Iced Tea

Almost any food (Yum...)




And Finally sleep


Stupid annoying people

peas, squash and any other weird vege

His computer (stupid Celeron)


"Run Dog, Run"


His only avatars to ever be used.

Dog.gif Used for part of the Chuck Norris revial but so far hasn't got off the groud... FuroAvatar.png Movie4d.gif Zim.jpg

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