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Who is Gandalf?

Gandalf is a high school student who goes by [Gandalf] on the CompSci forums and joined on January 12, 2005. He is proficient in the use of Turing, and has some experience with C++, Ruby, C, JavaScript and Java, having touched upon many other languages. A regular user of the CompSci IRC channel, you can usually find him there sometime in the late afternoon.

The Name

Gandalf most likely chose his name after Gandalf the Grey, the wizard in Lord of the Rings. It has been defiled many times, the worst of which came from TokenHerbz: Galdarf! Some other tainted variations of the name Gandalf that have come from TokenHerbz include Gandorld and Gonforf.


Some of Gandalf's past avatars, often related to Lord of the Rings:

Mt. Doom
Gandalf the Grey
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