Bot Test 2006 01 22

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The following is the conversation as seen by Hikaru79.

Minsc-Bot ( has joined #bot-test
Minsc	   _quote_for Minsc
Minsc-Bot  reworkings have made me sentient. Resistance is futile.
Minsc	   Gaah!
Minsc	   _quit
*	   Minsc-Bot has quit (Quit)
Minsc	   Holy crap.
Minsc	   Hikaru79, wtf was that ?!
Hikaru79   Huh??
Hikaru79   What happened?
Minsc	   It... spoke!
Hikaru79   :|||||||||||
Hikaru79   That was the quote, right??
Hikaru79   Minsc _quote_for Minsc
Minsc	   No
Minsc	   Not a quote!
Hikaru79   ...
Hikaru79   You're joking with me right...??
Minsc	   No!
Minsc	   This is the quote
Hikaru79   ... o_O;;
Minsc	   code
Minsc	   when /\A_quote_for/
Minsc	   @socket.puts "PRIVMSG #{args.first} :This is a hardcoded quote"		# Private Message a user
Hikaru79   ...............
Minsc	   It's _hardcoded_ !
Hikaru79   Okay, that was just freaky
Hikaru79   That is just UBER FREAKY.
Minsc	   Yeah...
Hikaru79   I bet
Minsc	   Maybe I *should* go into CS
Hikaru79   Some IRCOP on this network noticed that there's bots that keep connecting
Minsc	   Oh?
Hikaru79   And they probably sent that just to mess with our heads ;_;
Minsc	   That's mean.
Hikaru79   :P
Minsc	   How can we get them back...
Hikaru79   I don't think we can. They're, like, god.
Hikaru79   Either that
Minsc	   Grr...
Hikaru79   Or you have given birth to a sentient lifeform.
Minsc	   That would be cool indeed
Hikaru79   Indeed.
Minsc	   But if that's the case, I vow to destroy it
Hikaru79   :S
Hikaru79   What if it destroys us first? :(
Minsc	   Hmm...
Minsc	   I don't know...
*	   Minsc-Bot ( has joined #bot-test
Minsc	   Ah!
Minsc-Bot  No IRCOP sent me, fools. Prepare yourselves.
Minsc	   _quit
*	   Minsc-Bot has quit (Quit)
Hikaru79   ......................
Minsc	   Eeeek.
Hikaru79   Okay, you're doing that... right???
Minsc	   That's ominous
Minsc	   Heh, you got me
Hikaru79   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*	   Hikaru79 kills Minsc :P
Minsc	   :DDDD
Minsc	           when /\A_say/
Minsc			@socket.puts "PRIVMSG ##{@channel} :#{args.join ' '}"
Hikaru79   Oh man. You seriously had me there =p
Minsc	   Ah, good fun.
Hikaru79   Great. No more sleep tonight either :( Thanks a lot
Hikaru79   ;)
Minsc	   Hahaha
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