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  • id - int(11), key, auto_increment
  • url - varchar(255)
  • name - varchar(255)
  • cat_id - int(11)


The id key.


The url, incuding http://, of the link.


The name to display of the link.


The catagory the link is in. Curently this is hardcoded in the view but should be moved to the data base as a new table called cats.


  • cat_id needs to be updated with a new table corposnding to it called cats.
  • the view should be updated to corspond to this chage if it is made.
  • curently the only links in the data base are the working ones form the old dwite site + a compsci.ca link.
  • Pleas do not dump this data base, it was a pain to get all the links in.
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