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Evasive Maneuvers

Evasive Maneuvers is a spaceship fighter game, writen in Turing by Mazer. It is considered to be one of the best games ever made in Turing, with Forces as the only comparison.

More about EM

original discussion on the forums

The post was originally made in June of 2003 the day after Mazer handed it in to his Computer Science teacher as his final project and had to let it go. After an initial reaction of confusion by the community, Mazer realised that some instructions would be necessary for those not already familiar with the game's interface (Evasive Maneuvers often attracted a small group of regular players to the computer lab each day at lunchtime during it's creation), and the game seemed to be fairly well received.

Or too well received? On numerous occassions Mazer was asked for the source code to the game, and while he had no great dislike for open source software there was still the concern of abuse and plagiarism by lazy highschool students. After becoming quite fed up with these requests and the constant reviving of the topic from several pages back, Mazer (a moderator at this point) decided to put an end the madness and lock the topic.

Afterwards, Mazer chose to unlock the topic, for unkown reasons. For a time it lay in peace in the depths of time, until one day somebody brought it back up. It was locked again, and this time the topic's name was disguised. For a time, the topic was actually called "Marvel vs Capcom (Ryu/Strider Hiryu owns your mothers)" which reflected Mazer's new hobby of playing Marvel vs Capcom with MAME during his CS class and his self-identification with the mentioned characters. Some time afterwards, Mazer received a private message from a user about getting the source code. In response, Mazer said some mildly rude and regretful things, and began to seek greater protection of the thread's rest.

It was around this time that Mazer had come across an old Japanese film called "Zatoichi" and was somehow inspired to write about it. Using all of the bad spelling, grammar, and punctuation he could muster, he edited the original post for Evasive Maneuvers to a description of the movie, as though written by an AOLer, finishing with what appears to be a noob's assumption that he's about to receive help with a programming assignment.

The subject now reads "LOL, have you guys ever watched "Zatoichi"???!121!".


mirror 2


Main menu
Ship selection, there are also custom models available
Players earn points from games, and can upgrade their vessels
Shields and lock-on animations
Locked-on. Fire!
Boost and special abilities
Fun messages
Dan with a comeback
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