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Forces is an original genre game, written in Turing by Windsurfer (Adam Bielinski). It is considered to be one of the best examples of Turing developed games, rivaling Evasive Maneuvers.

About Forces

You are a small circle controlled by the mouse. You make sparkles to hurl at enemies that try to run and collide with you. There are 6 different and distict enemies.

Applications Post and 2006 Submission

Forces has received numerous awards. The first being a perfect grade of 100% for the submission, followed by's annual game creation contest. The website The Great Games Experiment also had Forces as it's featured game for over a week.

Guide to Playing Forces

  • You control a small spherical ball of pulsating energy. To move about the infinite space, move the mouse around the window. If you go outside of the window, the game will pause. You can also pause the game by pressing ESC on the keyboard.
    • To create sparkles, press A or left-click.
    • To repel sparkles, press D or right-click.
    • To attract sparkles, press S or middle-click.
  • The faster a sparkle is moving, the more damage an enemy receives by getting hit by it.

Special Powers

  • To use Special Powers press the Spacebar.
    • To switch your active special power, press Alt or the letter 'B'.
Force Vortex 
A swirling frenzy of chaotic destruction. A favourite of many.
Force Spray 
Super-fast sparkles explode in all directions, leaving short work of most enemies
Force Repel 
Repels all enemies, making you practically invincible while using it. It also repels sparkles much stronger than normal.
Force Lightning 
The favourite of the evil genius. Huge destruction to the closest foes, not to mention some health leaching.


There are 6 enemies in the game, of varying speeds, health, and AI.


mirror 1(no trailer animation, old version)
mirror 2 (no trailer animation, new version)


view at YouTube

Source Code

get at (requires log in)
get at 4shared (no log in required)


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