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*[[Lakehead University]] - [[Thunder Bay]], although not always the people in it.
*[[Lakehead University]] - [[Thunder Bay]], although not always the people in it.
*[[LUSU]] - And some times all of [[Lakehead]].

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Who is Hacker Dan?

Hacker Dan is one of CompSci.ca administrators. Together with Tony, the admin duo keeps things in order. Dan is in charge of maintaing the site and keeping order as well as helping to set policy with the help of Tony and the CompSci.ca Board of Directors. Dan is also in charge of the secuity of the site, and if need be, defending it from the enemies at the gate (or others that would try to harm us).

Hacker Dan is blieved to be one of the CompSci Gods and holds the power for the Book of Typos AKA The Old Dictionary of Dan. It is rummered that he got his cyborgo face in a battle with Bill Gates and his M$ Pirates, though on the upside, it seems to give him more powers like shooting laser beams out his cyborg eye.

Is Hacker Dan really a hacker?

Yes, see LanSchool for example.

History of the name

Though there are many theories as to why Dan's name is Hacker Dan and not just Dan, only one has been give by Dan himself. The name dose not come from him thinking him self all 1337 but was rather a nick name that was give to him and was used on the forums as almost a joke at first, but as the site got bigger he did not want to chage it due to the fact that there are serveral users named Dan, and Hacker Dan looks nicer then just Dan. Many stories and interesting topics had been starting relating to the name and it whould be a shame to ruin them.

Evolution of the name

Daniel -> Dan

The natural nick name for Daniel, though Dan objected to this for many years until he realized that it was less to write down and took up less memory on a computer system.

Dan -> Computer Dan

Due to the fact that he could never be found with out his Old Dell Laptop, this name started to catch on with thos that new him in real life. Again Dan was not so happy over this one at first.

Computer Dan -> Crazy Hacker Dued

After going on a quest to destroy some one on an IRC server and a case jumping through many channels which he was banned from or not, people started to referring to him as this since even though he was banned he whould still come back and keep crashing his poor victims until he was wiped off the IRC server. Oddly this atack made him many enemies on this server as well as a few firends who where not so happy about the guy he was chasing.

Crazy Hacker Dued -> Crazy Hacker Dan

Once people started to get know Dan more from the IRC server as well as other online places, the dued part was dropped and replaced with Dan, the crazy part was left due to the rampages he used to go on after a user would mass spam his sites or do somthing that he did not agree with. It is rummered that during this times he could have had somthing to due with the disappearance of serveral poorly made truing forums that where trying to get ride off what was the start of CompSci.ca, then known as SWAT. However, none of this has ever been prooven.

Crazy Hacker Dan -> Hacker Dan

Crazy Hacker Dan is just too long to type or say so it was shorten to Hacker Dan and was used in the creation of CompSci.ca, so has been stuck this way since. Though he is definitely still crazy and is why he used to have the Crazy Admin rank until it was replaced by pwn3d Admin due to a lost bet.

There where some intermediate steps and going back and forth inbetween these but this in the general evolution. Dan did not actually come up with any of these and was actually assigned a lot of them, but in time it started to catch on and he decided to go with it.


I am one of the administrators of CompSci.ca. I have been runing and maintaining it for about 3~4 years (too lazy to look it up right now). I have been progamming for about 12~13 years now and am very intrested in computer security matters as well as metaphysics and other philosophical matters. I am well versed in many langues and topics of computer science and am currently majoring in it at Lakehead University (in Thunder Bay) in the honours co-op program. As you can probably see from this profile, my spelling is not the best, but if you have a problem with this, there are many other sites on the net you can go to that will match your spelling needs (Fixed spelling on Jan. 2/06).

--Hacker Dan 10:42, 12 December 2005 (PST)

Hacker Danish

The Book

Ever notice Hacker Dan's spelling? Seems a bit off? Well that's only beacuse it is not English he speaks, rather Hacker Danish, a mystical language known only to a select few. The only documents relating to this language known to be in existance are the Old Dictionary of Dan and the New Dictionary of Dan. Unfortunately the Old book was lost due to a dimensional rift serveral 1000 years ago. The New book is an attempt to reconstruct the old. More info can be found on Hacker Danish and the Books on the Dictionary of Dan page.

Likes & Dislikes



Bio Data

Real Name: Daniel Servos

Birth Place: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Age: 20

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Skin Color: White

Background: Italian/English

Speaks: Hacker Danish, English (some times)

Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Job: Currently Unemployed

Contact Info

E-mail: Dan@CompSci.ca

MSN: dan@compsci.ca

Google: danofthewired@gmail.com

Phone: (807)-472-7236

SMS: 18074727236

Live Journal: danofthewired


"I call it Danish."

"[Talking about coke] I call it black gold."

"Will code for food!!"

Avatars and Pics

Hacker Dan
Hacker Duck
Voodoo Dan
Voodoo Tony and Dan
Comic Dan
Cyborg Kitty
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