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Pwned is a meber of widely considered to be a noob. He thinks he is an amazing and brilliant person. He believes he has enought power to say "He will spare everyone, under the condition that they first bow in respect to him". In reality however Pwned is not amazing at all, and is a rather bumb person; his inability to see that he really has no power at all is only proof that he does not live in the real world. The majority of members have no respect at all for Pwned, in part because of his arrogance and in part because of his use of 1337/noob speak on the forums and his repeated abuse of the admins.

Pwned has been nicely summed up by one member by this:

"Pwned is simply a failure at life. His arrogance blinds him to the true state of the world which, contrary to his belief, does not appreciate rude and disrespectful people like himself."
"As his highschool career comes to an end, he will hopefully realize the errors of his life thus far. Then again, perhaps he won't, and we can all laugh at him for all eternity."

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