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Discussion about the open war

  • Cornflake: Wikiwars are pathetic. Dan, I recomend limiting editing to authorized users...
  • Amailer: I concur, though it would be fun to watch (among known people)
  • Hacker Dan: I thnk it is kind of fun, and it seems we are slowly making a desicription we can arrage on, btw this should go in the discussion page of this page.
  • Hacker Dan: The disscontion page not a discussion heading..........better ;)
  • Timmytheturtle: wiki wars are awsome, fight on!
  • Cornflake: I'm taking sides! Pwned shall be Pwned!
  • Boo-chan:I'm a non-combatant, spell checkers should be covered by the Genva Conventions :)
  • Hacker Dan: ROFL, we could allways make a CompSci wiki convention covering you boo ;)
  • Hacker Dan: Having a wiki war by corsing things out and adding words is one thing but totaly delete a page is not cool pwned, there for i hit the undo buttion on your last edit.
  • Cornflake: It'd be nice if we could use spans and syle="text-decoration: line-through;" to make stuff striked out... or bold... CSS is nice... too bad the span tag is filtered out :(
  • Boo-chan: To repeat what Hacker Dan said, editing content you don't agree with is ok but completely removing the content of the page isn't
  • Amailer: As someone else pointed out, why can't we just make it so that registered users can only edit? Hard to identify people with just an IP :roll:
  • Timmytheturtle: Agree with Amailer I do.
  • Boo-chan: Unfortunately, that appears to be necessary since Pwned seems adament on deleting this page's contents and it seems pointless to keep re-editing it.
  • Timmytheturtle: Why not just ban his IP from editing articles (if possible)?
  • Cornflake: This is really getting pathetic. I've had to revert it once again!
  • Naveg: Frankly, i think Pwned should be banned from compsci and all compsci's endeavors, such as this wiki. Only so much of this behaviour can be tolerated, and only so many warnings can be issued. His disrespect for others has been going on now for over a year.
  • Hacker Dan: I banned him from the wiki some time ago, and althought i dislike him much and when he talks to me on msn i feal like logic has lost all meanig, he still has not done anything wrong on Also to the person who made that last edit, i realy like you, i could not have descibed him better my self.
  • Amailer: Wow, never knew this was that bad, thought you guys where just haveing fun. Hasn't this exact same thing happne before, with some other compsci members?
  • Hacker Dan: Not on the wiki
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