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Who is Hikaru79?

Hikaru79 is a regular on the CompSci.ca forums and even more so in the IRC channel.

Hikaru79 is one of the most sane regulars of the IRC channel: wtd spent an age as an evil hobbit, named Lotho; Coutsos suffers from identity crisises, and Cervantes is obsessed with a mentally unstable, fictional character. md has moments of stability but is on the whole crazy. Gandalf is still traumatized by his defeat in the Minsc-Gandalf duel.

Why the Name?

Hikaru79 comes from Hikaru No Go, which is related to Go. The 79 is a random number and holds no further significance.

Character and Interests

Hikaru79 is possibly the nicest person one could ever meet. He is generous, fun, trusting, and always willing to help. He's also always good for an evil scheme or two. But those who partake in evil schemes often have evil scheming on them.

Hikaru79 has many computer related interests, which include trying to read the source for AI of games such as Go. Go is another one of Hikaru79's passions: he claims that when one begins to play Go, that individual will forfeit all hopes of doing well in school or other things, for it is highly addictive.

Hikaru79 enjoys Anime as much as the standard CompSci.ca member. He downloads loads of Anime and other things, including e-books. Hikaru79 claims that he has hundreds upon hundreds of gigabytes of files. He may even have reached the much fabelled terabyte.


Hikaru79 attends Vincent Massey Secondary School (VMSS, also EMSS: Evasive Maneuvers Secondary School), and is currently in grade 12. He intends to attent the University of Waterloo for computer science.

Hikaru79 is a rare specimen, in that he has combined his regular computer science and math/science courses with French. Curious.

Past Avatar

Hikaru79's Techie Duck

External Link

For some reason, Hikaru79 has decided to keep a blog [1].

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