IRC 2006 01 17

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wtd: Minsc: I prefer kayaking to sailing out here
* Minsc falls to the floor, twitching
wtd: Oh darn... I broke his mind
cornflake: way to go wtd, now who's gonna clean up the mess?
wtd: Just shove it under the rug
cornflake: but that's where I keep [redacted]!
cornflake: Err...
* Minsc 's eyes open wide
wtd: it's a big rug
Minsc: According to Hikaru79, shoving me under the rug with [redacted] would be a good idea.  Freakin' pervert.  :P 
cornflake: lol
Hikaru79: x)
cornflake: well, he is a stiff after all minsc ;)
Minsc: Man, necropheliac AND gay--can it get any worse? ;)
Hikaru79: Eeeh?? O_O'
cornflake: we could film it...
cornflake: :D
* Hikaru79 is hiding in a corner :(
wtd: Minsc, be careful what you ask for
* cornflake goes and gets the camera
Minsc: Well, I guess instead of [redacted] it could be some disturbing animal, like a Yak.
cornflake: hmmm, no; the yak is in the closet
* [redacted] ([reacted]) has joined
* Ultrahex gives channel operator status to [redacted]
Hikaru79: Hahahahaha
Minsc: Oh dear GOD!
* wtd gets a yak
Minsc: someone ban [redacted], fast
[redacted]: ...
wtd: cornflake, then it's time for the yak to come out
cornflake: that it is
cornflake: lol
[redacted]: Being unwanted sure sucks...
cornflake: rofl
Hikaru79: Aaaw :(
Hikaru79: If you don't want him, Minsc, I'll take him.
[redacted]: ...
wtd: [redacted], you don't want o be "wanted" at the moment... trust me.
cornflake: hey hey! I'm storing him under the rug for a reason!
cornflake: now get away from my Yak minsc
Minsc: Hikaru79, he's mine!  [redacted] > Yak
Minsc: With pleasure!
Ultrahex: wtf my DNS is broken
Minsc: Hikaru79,  you can have Ultrahex
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