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Krabjuice is a mysterious and often overlooked member of whose true intent remains a mystery to most. We recieve a glance at his psychology in this conversation between him and Gandalf.

<md> me thinks he will be off to bed too 
<timmytheturtle> so long md 
* Krabjuice lumbers off to bed 
<timmytheturtle> so long Krabjuice 
<timmytheturtle> anyone else leaving? 
<Gandalf> G'night md, Krabjuice 
<Krabjuice> Why, is it lonely without us? 
<timmytheturtle> the more that leave, the lonelier it gets :( 
<Gandalf> You could always do what Minsc did... 
<Krabjuice> Do elabourate. 
<Gandalf> It shall remain spoken. 
<Krabjuice> Wait, boo? 
<Gandalf> unspoken* 
<Krabjuice> This I must learn. 
<Gandalf> So you shall fail. 
<timmytheturtle> and so you shall die 
<timmytheturtle> dammit, then gun jammed 
<Krabjuice> There is no stopping me!  The truth shall be known! 
<Krabjuice> Impossible! 
<timmytheturtle> ... 
<Krabjuice> Can this be true? 
<timmytheturtle> ... 
<Krabjuice> Gandalf, explain yourself! 
<Gandalf> It shall remain secret for all of eternity. 
<Krabjuice> Wait, does this have anything to do with 02 28 2006? 
<Gandalf> Wrong as it shall remain.  As well, you are not recommended to read into the events of 02 28 2006. 
<Krabjuice> Frig. 
<Gandalf> Or heavy punishment shall follow. 
<Krabjuice> Frig. 
<Gandalf> Indeed. 
<Krabjuice> So, uh, what now? 
<Krabjuice> Wait, before you answer, let me run away first. 
*** Krabjuice has quit (Quit: (Run!)) 
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