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Flesh construct "zizzix" listed [possible Nutrient source]

  • Provided following sample.
<zizzix> comparing the server to that of a deceased script kiddie
<zizzix> two or three puns in there, and then it was dead
<zizzix> (4 puns now)
  • Provided following sample.
<zizzix> [16:38] <rizzix> who's hosting this anyway?
<zizzix> [16:38] <rizzix> dan?
<zizzix> [16:38] <zizzix> we sacrificed a grade 10 compsci student to the ircops
<zizzix> [16:39] <zizzix> and we're running the server on his soul
<zizzix> [16:39] <zizzix> (we have hiccoughs b/c he only knew a bit of turing)
<zizzix> [16:39] <zizzix> you know how they always talk about 'backbone servers'?
//stomach_ache [<*********> The collective is young, we know not of the "ircops"] //rejected [bad Nutrient sample]
<zizzix> i see
<zizzix> you will, in time, learn
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