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* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> he he he
<Mihai> hello astronamy1993!
<Mihai> welcome to chanel
<astronamy1993> well well well all of a sudden im being welcomed
<Mihai> i am Mihai the Automated Intelligent ResponsE System (AIRES).
<astronamy1993> first u ass holes ban me and i had to use another fucking computer to get back in
<rdrake> .k astronamy1993
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((rdrake) Bye.)
<Mihai> damit rdrake
<rdrake> What?
<Mihai> i wasn gonna screw with his mind :P
<rdrake> Wait... 1993?
<rdrake> Oh geeze, grade 9/10.
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> hello
<Mihai> Welcome Back
<astronamy1993> did u miss me 
<Mihai> have your balls dropped yet?
<astronamy1993> did u really think u would be able 2 keep me out
<astronamy1993> i dont think so
<astronamy1993> kick me out ill just get on another computer
<astronamy1993> he he he
<Mihai> There arent that many computers
<astronamy1993> u cant stop me no matter who u are
<Mihai> in your house
<Mihai> we can do a range ip ban
<astronamy1993> he he he
<Mihai> :P
<astronamy1993> yea that will work
<astronamy1993> ill teach u ppl whose the real boss
<astronamy1993> how dare u kick me out
<Mihai> you dont have the balls to show whos boss
<Mihai> both figuratively and real
<astronamy1993> oh i could have this entire site shut down
<astronamy1993> which im going to do
<astronamy1993> no one kicks me out
<rdrake> Go nuts.
<astronamy1993> not no one not no how
<astronamy1993> no body kicks me out
<rdrake> * X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((rdrake) Bye.)
<Mihai> haha
<rdrake> I do believe I just did.
<Mihai> rdrake may i kick him?
<astronamy1993> no
<astronamy1993> u didnt
* niko (niko@ncout.Users.AfterNET.Org) has joined
* Mihai kicks astronamy1993
* X3 gives channel operator status to niko
<rdrake> I didn't kick you?
<rdrake> I'd love to see you take down the site.
<Mihai> you know whats even better
<astronamy1993> lets just see what the feds have to say about this site
<rdrake> I mean, you don't seem to know what autojoin is.
<Mihai> your name is spelt wrong
<rdrake> What'd they do?
<Mihai> astronomy
<Mihai> :D
<astronamy1993> i will be contacting the fbi about this site
<rdrake> Maybe it's "Astro 'n' Amy"?
<astronamy1993> i will have this site shut down
<rdrake> astronamy1993, we're Canadian.
<rdrake> Fuck the FBI! :D
<niko> What's wrong with the site?
<Mihai> and we are CSIS so they wont do anything about it
<astronamy1993> they kicked me out
<niko> huh?
<niko> You were banned?
<astronamy1993> well see
<Mihai> we did no such thing niko
<rdrake> He came in, called us asses, then I kicked him.
<astronamy1993> no one kicks me out
<rdrake> .k astronamy1993 Except me? :-)
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((rdrake) Except me? :-))
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> stop that
<niko> Yeah, astronamy1993, stick it to the man!
<astronamy1993> come on now
<rdrake> Why?
<Mihai> can i have a try at that rdrake?
<rdrake> Nobody kicks you out?
<Mihai> i want to know what gratitude feels like
<astronamy1993> yea im sure
<Mihai> please rdrake :D
<rdrake> astronamy1993, I didn't kick you out though.
<astronamy1993> ill still have government take care of this site even if its a canadaian site
<rdrake> Why would you do that?
<Mihai> rdrake 
<astronamy1993> cuz i hate this site 4 kicking me out
<Mihai> lets not waste our time :D
<niko> astronamy1993, have you even BEEN to the site?
<rdrake> Mihai, I'm having fun.
<rdrake> Leave me be!
<astronamy1993> once but they kicked me off 4 stupid reason
<astronamy1993> and now im out 4 revenge
<rdrake> Is your name by any chance Dave?
<astronamy1993> nope
<niko> Is it because you can't use the word "for"?
<astronamy1993> fior
<astronamy1993> for
<rdrake> So which noob are you?
<astronamy1993> he he he
<Mihai> fjord!
<niko> You did it!
<astronamy1993> thanks
<astronamy1993> sarcastic
<niko> astronamy1993, what was your username? I can talk to the admins about letting you back, they're friends of mine
<astronamy1993> im sure they r
<niko> *are
<niko> *I'm
<rdrake> Letter r?
<rdrake> *.
<astronamy1993> just cuz some1 doesnt agree wit my opinoin isnt a reason to bann someone from the site
<niko> What was your opinion?
<rdrake> Nope, but resorting to personal insults is a great way to get banned.
<astronamy1993> so ill take my revenge on this site by shutting it down
<astronamy1993> who will have the last laugh
<astronamy1993> me
<rdrake> Me?
<rdrake> I got it! :D
<niko> astronamy1993, do you have a website? I'd like to check it out.
<astronamy1993> nope
<niko> Actually, the cockroaches get the last laugh.
<astronamy1993> well at least none im going 2 say in here
<Mihai> haha awesome niko
<niko> I have a website.
<astronamy1993> no way
<rdrake> I too.
<astronamy1993> really
<niko> Yup
<niko> Lemme find you the link
<astronamy1993> thats ok
<niko> It's fucking awesome
<rdrake> ZOMG NIKO!
<astronamy1993> i cant become friends wit u ppl if i want 2 shut the site down that wouldnt make ne sence
<niko> Calendar, email, news, weather, even a search ALL BUILT RIGHT IN
<niko> astronamy1993, I'm sorry, you'd have to tell us more
<rdrake> This is my site:
<niko> I don't fully grasp the situation
<astronamy1993> alright
<astronamy1993> here goes
<astronamy1993> i wuz chatting in science room a room for sciencetific minded ppl and the whole god thing came up and i said scence doesnt belive in a god and then some banned me
<astronamy1993> what happend to the 1st ammendment
<rdrake> It never existed here.
<niko> Yeah...
<astronamy1993> u cant bann someone for speaking thier mind
<niko> I don't recall that happening.
<rdrake> I can.
<rdrake> Not with a good reason, but I can dammit. :P
<niko> astronamy1993, are you talking about a chat room?
<astronamy1993> the first amendment says I have the right to say what i want
<rdrake> But uh... when did this occur?
<astronamy1993> yesterday
<rdrake> astronamy1993, we know, but we don't follow that American bullshit.
<rdrake> HAHA
<astronamy1993> and now i cant talk science
<rdrake> .kb astronamy1993 Wrong wrong, bitch!
* X3 sets ban on *!*
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((rdrake) Wrong wrong, bitch!)
<niko> HE'S GONE :(
* rdrake removes ban on *!*
<rdrake> Fine fine.
<niko> No, I think he left the server
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<rdrake> Well he had the wrong channel to begin with.
<rdrake> :o
<astronamy1993> hello
<astronamy1993> again
<rdrake> Hi!
<astronamy1993> that is really gettin anoying
<rdrake> Honestly... we haven't had a Science vs. God discussion in here in months.
<niko> astronamy1993, nobody here was talking about religion
<astronamy1993> im not 
<astronamy1993> im just want 2 bring this site down
<astronamy1993> he he he
<rdrake> Why though?
<astronamy1993> cuz i was banned and had to use another computer to get back in here
<rdrake> We didn't have such a discussion for the longest time.
<rdrake> ...
<astronamy1993> that sucks
<niko> astronamy1993, you were really born in 1993 weren't you?
<astronamy1993> nope
<rdrake> Is there any way I can get this into your skull?
<astronamy1993> uh-uh
<niko> Oh, I'm sorry. Could you explain the nickname then?
<astronamy1993> i didnt say this chat room i said a science chat room
<rdrake> So why the fuck do you care about this one?
<niko> OH I GET IT
<niko> Guys, he has downs syndrome or something.
<astronamy1993> nope
<astronamy1993> i just want 2 let those air heads know that this chat site is going down
<niko> So what branch of science are you most interested in?
<astronamy1993> i told u i cant become friends wit u ppl if i want the site shut down
<rdrake> Hopefully not computer science.
<niko> I want to make friends!
<rdrake> *you
<rdrake> *can't
<rdrake> *with
<rdrake> *you
<rdrake> *people
<rdrake> *I
<rdrake> *.
* Dan ( has joined
<rdrake> HI DAN
<astronamy1993> well i would to but i cant let some chat room get the best of me
* Dan was summoned
<astronamy1993> im all about making new friends
<Mihai> dan, astronamy wants ot hack our site
<rdrake> Ok, how about you join the correct room and bitch at them, astronamy1993?
<Dan> i have hured mihai
<astronamy1993> im going 2 shut this site down
<rdrake> So which site?
<rdrake> Afternet?
<astronamy1993> for not allowing me to speak my mind
<Dan> such hostlity astronamy
<astronamy1993> im going to sue this site
<niko> OH GOD my laptop screen went blank! What are you doing to me astronamy1993?!?!
<Dan> care to explain it?
<astronamy1993> im going to get a lawyer
<rdrake> Go nuts.
<astronamy1993> then were going to court
<rdrake> We have 17 lawyers.
<rdrake> They're nasty fuckers.
<niko> One of them is a dinosaur.
<astronamy1993> my lawyer is really good
<niko> Another one is a robot.
* X3 gives channel operator status to Dan
* Dan has quit (Registered)
* Dan (Dan@hacker_dan.Users.AfterNET.Org) has joined
* * gives channel operator status to Dan
<rdrake> Our 17 will kick his ass.
<astronamy1993> nope
<niko> You can't fucking beat the dino robot double team.
<astronamy1993> i think my lawyer can
<Dan> astronamy, why are you so mad? and what site? or afternet?
<rdrake> One of our lawyers can enter berserker mode.
<astronamy1993> i once went to court and had a dog put down bc it attacked me with a mouth guard on it
<astronamy1993> thats how good my lawyer is
<niko> Now I know you're lying.
<astronamy1993> nope
<niko> That was from the Simpsons.
<astronamy1993> true story
<niko> Yes.
<astronamy1993> nope
<astronamy1993> true story
<niko> Come up with something better, troll.
<rdrake> Mine went on a berserker rampage and killed 839 people... he got off scott free!
<astronamy1993> that was real
<niko> Yeah, that was really ON TV
<Dan> astronamy if you whont to sue i am the one you should be talking to
<astronamy1993> no it wasnt
<astronamy1993> im going to sue this site
<rdrake> Which is this?
<astronamy1993> im going to shut it down
<astronamy1993> im going to get my lawyer and we are going to take this site off the net
<Dan> if you have an issue with afternet you should be talking to rubin, i can get you in contact with him
<rdrake> astronamy1993, are you typing this from under a bridge?
<astronamy1993> i know this sites head office is in seatle
<Dan> i still do not get what/who you whont to sue
<astronamy1993> this site
<astronamy1993> im going to sue this site
<rdrake> Seatle?
<Dan> this is an irc room
<Dan> not a site
<rdrake> Are you pissed off at Microsoft? =\
<astronamy1993> nope
<rdrake> Er... spelling is wrong.
<astronamy1993> they didtn bann me
<astronamy1993> this site did
<rdrake> I'm sure they would from a computer if they could.
<Dan> we banned you from the chat room?
<astronamy1993> i will stop my law siut if i get bacm into the science chat room
<rdrake> No one enters our science chat room!
<astronamy1993> i do
<astronamy1993> i will
<astronamy1993> again
<astronamy1993> and again
<rdrake> My door guarding trolls will not let you.
<niko> astronamy1993, what's the name of the chat room?
<Dan> astronamy, i don't think you understand how irc works
<astronamy1993> i dont think u understand how the law works
<rdrake> Oh but we do.
<astronamy1993> legal ppl can do ne thing
<Dan> there are many chat rooms witch are owned by diffrent peoleop
<rdrake> We also understand how trolls work.
<niko> I don't think you understand how the alphabet works!
<Dan> not even chat room is owned by the same person
<rdrake> They work like you :-)
<astronamy1993> really?
<Dan> for example is owned by me, but i do not own any other channel on the network
<astronamy1993> oh
<rdrake> I own every other channel.
<astronamy1993> i thought u were all one big company
<astronamy1993> who owns the science chat room
<niko> We are, but it's a group of companies
<Dan> also the network it's self is made up by diffrent servers each owned by diffrent peoleop
<astronamy1993> who owns the science chat room
<Dan> you can't sue a chat room for many reasons
<astronamy1993> i guess thats the person i want to sue
<astronamy1993> stopping freedom of speech you can
<Dan> 1st of all they are fully with in there rights to ban you
<rdrake> Yup.
<astronamy1993> nope
<astronamy1993> freedom of speech
<Dan> you do not have freedom of speach on other peoleops sites
<astronamy1993> sure do
<rdrake> astronamy1993, can you boot me off your property if you don't like what I'm saying?
<Dan> no you do not
<astronamy1993> the congress and any company shall note make any laws prohibint freedom of speech
<Dan> you have freedom of speeech in your own proptery and some what on goverment propetey
<Dan> you have the right to say anything you like but not anywhere you like
<astronamy1993> freedom of speech is here to stay
<rdrake> No it's not.
<rdrake> You live in the US, are you that blind to what Mr. Bush is doing?
<Dan> for example i have the right to call you an idoit, however i can not paint it on your house
<astronamy1993> i may hate the guy but hes not stopping my freedom of speech
<rdrake> How many guns do you own?
<niko> Yes he is
<astronamy1993> no he isnt
<niko> He told me yesterday
<astronamy1993> i own 1 gun
<rdrake> That's it?
<astronamy1993> just 1
<rdrake> Geeze.
<astronamy1993> i dont need any other
<niko> I was in the science room and he's like "fuck this guy" and then he kicked you out
<rdrake> Live in Texas?
<niko> astronamy1993, what kind of gun?
<astronamy1993> hand gun
<niko> Thanks
<Dan> also your law suit has more problems, in that we are not in the usa and alot of peoleop in this server are from the europe area
<niko> What make?
<Dan> and we ( has no money :p
<astronamy1993> international law
<astronamy1993> i still shut you down
<Dan> there is no international law
<astronamy1993> yes there is
<astronamy1993> international law
<Dan> no, there are threates but no law
<astronamy1993> google it
<astronamy1993> international law
<astronamy1993> what do u think the laws are on the space station, international law
* Dan whonder what you whould do if i banned you right now
<astronamy1993> sue
<niko> The space station is no man's land you fool!
<astronamy1993> sue
<Dan> i am temped to ban you just to see you try
<rdrake> .k astronamy1993
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((rdrake) Bye.)
<niko> I was in a drive by on the space station.
<rdrake> :-)
<Dan> lol
<niko> I was like "fuck this" and came back home.
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> Enter text here...
<astronamy1993> stop that
<rdrake> Hi :-)
<astronamy1993> come on
<niko> .k astronamy1993 
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((niko) Bye.)
<niko> It's therapeutic.
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> that is really geting annoying
<Dan> .k astronamy1993
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((Dan) Bye.)
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<Dan> your right it is
<niko> What kind of gun?
<astronamy1993> hello
<niko> Desert Beagle?
<niko> Flock?
<niko> Bolt M4A1?
<astronamy1993> i cant tell u if i keep gettin kicked
<niko> You didn't tell me before :(
<Dan> what clinet are you using, webtv? lol
<astronamy1993> i dont have 2 tell u that
<astronamy1993> its my leagal right
<Dan> oh PJIRC
<astronamy1993> guess again
<Dan> you are on a website using a java based  client
<Dan> i can see it
<niko> Is it your legal right to not tell us that your internet provider is Shaw Cable?
<niko> Oops, whammy :(
<astronamy1993> no it isnt
<Dan> yes it is
<astronamy1993> nope
<Dan> yes
<astronamy1993> how do u know that
<Dan> we can see it
<niko> I work for Shaw
<astronamy1993> r u spying on me
<Dan> ;)
<astronamy1993> thats aginst my privacy rights
<rdrake> Isn't your IP in Canada and
<astronamy1993> i can sue u 4 telling ppl my internet provider
<niko> Bring it.
<Dan> go nuts
<Dan> ~id
<Dan> ~id *
<niko> My address is 425, ISS, Space.
<rdrake> Dan, you lack a bot in here...
<astronamy1993> you cant possibly have that informatoin
<niko> When can I expect the summons?
<astronamy1993> and how did u get it
<rdrake> astronamy1993, but I do.
<Dan> rdrake, he was using the same clien uses
<rdrake> Oh nice.
<Dan> worthj a try
<astronamy1993> how the hell did u ppl know all my personal information
<rdrake> Oh right, forgot about that.
<niko> astronamy1993, I told you
<rdrake> astronamy1993, look out your window.
<astronamy1993> i dont think i can trust this site ne more
<Dan> umm you are in not
* rdrake ducks
<niko> All join
<Dan> lol
<astronamy1993> seriously how did u know that
<astronamy1993> theres no way u could know that info
<rdrake> astronamy1993, I'm logged onto your computer right now.
<astronamy1993> no your not
<astronamy1993> do something
<Dan> you are in a room full of haxorz we are all going to desotry your computer and life
<rdrake> Wanna take that chance, astronamy1993?
<rdrake> I see some pretty nice files here...
<astronamy1993> maybe
<astronamy1993> no you don
<astronamy1993> dont
<niko> Why is it so hard to believe that someone who works at your internet provider would know about where you're connecting from?
<astronamy1993> what file
<rdrake> Well, I just deleted C:\ntldr.
* pantsd has quit (Ping timeout)
<rdrake> Your computer won't boot anymor.
<astronamy1993> yea it wil
<astronamy1993> will
<rdrake> I know you need that file to boot.
<Dan> ROFL nice one rdrake
<rdrake> Prove me wrong.
<Dan> hopfully he dose not hit alt-f4 to fit it
<astronamy1993> well then DAN i think i do need to speak to you, cuz im going 2 sue you for giving out my personal information
<Dan> .....maybe i should have not said that
<Dan> the alt-4 thing
<rdrake> astronamy1993, seriously... prove me wrong.
<Dan> go nuts atronamy
<rdrake> Your computer WILL NOT BOOT anymore.
<astronamy1993> sure it wont
<astronamy1993> i bet it will
<rdrake> Only one way to find out.
<astronamy1993> i can sue you ppl for hacking my computer
<rdrake> You have no proof ;-)
<astronamy1993> there are laws aginst hacking
<rdrake> I cover my tracks well.
<astronamy1993> sure i do forensic proof
<astronamy1993> nope if u were on this computer there will be traces of you
<astronamy1993> no matter
<astronamy1993> what
<rdrake> Not if I deleted them.
<astronamy1993> noppe
<astronamy1993> u cant
<rdrake> Oh but I can.
<rdrake> Ask your lawyer.
<astronamy1993> u cant
<rdrake> Have you asked your lawyer?
<Dan> hi this is jesica, and umm all i have to say is that Astonomy1993 you suck and you should rid your existence form this earth 
<astronamy1993> besides if you were on my computer my internet prtector would of came up by now
<Dan> >_> jessica whotned to have her say too....
* rdrake high fives Jessica
<niko> *from
<astronamy1993> fuck jessica
<astronamy1993> jessica sucks
<rdrake> astronamy1993, I already know your internet provider, IP address, location, and hostname.
<rdrake> Oh boy.
<astronamy1993> whats jessica have to say to that
<Dan> .k astronamy1993
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((Dan) Bye.)
<niko> I hope you aren't talking about MY friend Jessica!
<Dan> that
<rdrake> Evidently that.
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<astronamy1993> hell again
<astronamy1993> hello
<rdrake> Hell, eh?
<Dan> it is kind of sad you keep coming back
* rdrake h4x0rz j00
<niko> Guys
<astronamy1993> not really
<niko> Let's just give it a rest, let's talk about something else.
<astronamy1993> maybe u ppl are starting to grow on me
<rdrake> You like me and you know it.
<Dan> i adgrea we need a new topic
<niko> Let's talk science
<rdrake> I'll meet you at your back window.
<astronamy1993> science is kool
<astronamy1993> wait i cant be friedns with yuou
<rdrake> Why not?
<rdrake> I like science too.
<niko> Did you guys hear about the carbon tube/spider web thing?
<astronamy1993> im tring to take this off the net
<niko> That's going to be AWESOME
<rdrake> Oh right, how's that going for you?
<astronamy1993> oh yeah i herd about that
<rdrake> niko, I'm waiting for that spiderman suit thing.
<astronamy1993> damn it im not talking
<rdrake> Waiting... for a long time.
<astronamy1993> now whee wuz i
<niko> rdrake, my first grade teacher had the best spidey costume
<astronamy1993> oh yea
<rdrake> Nice.
<niko> He wore it to school every year
<astronamy1993> i think i waz tlking about that spider thing
<rdrake> You were.
<astronamy1993> no i mean take the site down
<niko> Okay, now we are going to talk about religion.
<rdrake> Oh right, how silly of me.
<niko> So, astronamy1993, what do you think of religion?
* rdrake is now known as Jesus
<astronamy1993> i think it sucks
<niko> WHAT
<astronamy1993> thats the word
<niko> .kb astronamy1993 
* X3 sets ban on *!*
* X3 has kicked astronamy1993 from ((niko) Bye.)
<Jesus> Say what?
<niko> I want a sandwich
<Jesus> Dammit niko!
* Jesus is not pleased
* Jesus steals the once slice
<niko> Hey, I wouldn't be pleased if I got nailed to a cross.
<Jesus> just ruined the ending :(
<Dan> pff i had a way better ban then that set up
<Jesus> I was hoping he'd just reboot.
<niko> .unban astronamy1993 
<niko> Oh hell.
* Jesus removes ban on *!*
<Dan> that guy was rather odd
<Jesus> Well anyways, that was some spectacular entertainment for today.
<Dan> i kind of whont to see him try to sue a irc room
* Jesus too
<Jesus> But he claimed to be from the US yet was in Canada.
<Dan> lol, /me is so much more funny when it is from jesus
<Dan> i don't think he even had the right irc server
* astronamy1993 ( has joined
<Jesus> Doubtful.
<astronamy1993> hello again
* Jesus is not pleased with astronamy1993
<Jesus> I'm telling God on you!
<astronamy1993> did u miss me
<Dan> .b astronamy1993 so sue me allready
* X3 sets ban on *!*
<Jesus> I did :(
<Dan> the next kick is forever :p
<Dan> don't reboot or close your chat window now :p
<Dan> also send your law suit to 406 york st. Thunder Bay ON, Canada
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