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About Jamonathin

Jamonathin is an off and on user at compsci.ca/v2. He's been around for a while on the forums and plans to keep it that way.

What's "Jamonathin" Mean??

Jamonathin is a name I cleverly came up with in Grade 8 while shooting a "cheap trampoline boxing video" for a class project. My friend was the one supplying the pillow-like boxing gloves and he had a brother named Johnathin. Their names were written on the tags of the boxing gloves, and unfortunately by that time in my life I was unable to read and pronounced the name "jah-mon-ah-thin", which soon became a nickname.

Jamonathin's Academicz

I'm currently enrolled at the University of Windsor in Computer Science

Jamonathin's Avatars

Unfortunately I cannot find my orginal avatar. It involved a monkey and it said "AHHH Evil Monkey!!" in an animated .gif .

http://www.musicomh.com/films2/napoleon-dynamite-150.jpg http://home.no.net/reallife/new/cards/pokemon/07.gif http://www.wowow.co.jp/drama_anime/southpark/img/c_kyle.gif http://spacemadness.net/img/evilmonkey.gif http://compsci.ca/v3/uploads/user_avatars/57683465145f851a43dd9a.gif

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