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Computers which integrate all of their hardware, including LCD displays, into a folding clamshell design with a battery so that they can be used even when not directly plugged into AC power. These may also be referred to as "laptops," but the high heat many modern notebook computers generate may actually become painful, and as such the term has fallen out of favor among manufacturers. It remains probably the more common term, though.

Typical notebook computers feature screens ranging from 12.1 inches to 17 inches.


Of late a new category of notebooks pioneered by the Asus Eee PC has become exceptionally popular. These notebooks are typified by the following characteristics.

  • Low-power CPUs. Underclocked Intel Celerons have been popular, but Intel has developed a low-power CPU called Atom which is rapidly being adopted by Netbook manufacturers. Via's C7 processors are also commonly used in these devices.
  • Small size. Screen sizes typically range from 7 to 10 inches. Overall enclosure size is also small, leading to keyboards which may be slightly smaller than normal, or much smaller than normal.
  • Lack of DVD drives. This is typically left out due to size constraints and the effect spinning optical drives have on battery life.
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