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The Game

Inspired by the words of Tony - I, Hacker Dan, will let any one set my avatar threw the wiki. This should at least be interesting to see what people can come up with or if they find this page.

How to Play

All you have to go is go to the page and upload a new pic over it. This will chage my avatar on my page (Hacker Dan) and on the forums. Just make sure it is a gif image and it follows the rules and it will stay as that until the next change.

The Rules

  • The image must be of .gif type
  • The image can not be more than 150 pixels by 200 pixels
  • It must not be offensive to any one or make statements about users on the forum that are not appropriate.
  • It must be of a pg13 level.
  • If animated it must not hurt the eyes or do anything overly bad to the site.
  • It can not adversaly effect the users of the site or the operation of the site or exploit anything.
  • If it is not changed in some time or no one likes it, it will go back to the default until chaged.

Curent Avatar

The curent Avatar
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