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  • Boo-chan- However I think we need a page that describes sarcasm because clearly some people have trouble understanding when it is being used.
  • Timmytheturtle: It's all your fault for planting it in our heads, weither you were being sarcastic or not. So I point the blame towards you. Good job boo-chan!
  • Cornflake: I have the logs to proove it too! It's surprisingly difficult to see sarcasm in text...
  • Amailer: So....what is this "topic" about?
  • Cornflake: "The"
  • rizzix: More like The abuse of the Wiki system..
  • Cornflake: Not abuse... just exploitation...
  • Boo-chan: More like deliberate misuse... and describing a word using the word is generally a bad practice
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