The Great Ferret Invasion

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It was a normal night in the IRC Channel. Freakman was setting up an Apache server, mainly with help from TheFerret22 (aka Furo). Freakman normally uses X-Chat's handy tab complete feature, by typing the first two characters in a name, then pressing Tab, thus completing a nick. However, md had spawned a user from his laptop called ThinkPod. ThinkPod was screwing up this two character + Tab combination as his name started with "Th" as well. When ThinkPod timed out however, Freakman rejoiced. Shortly thereafter, ThinkPod rejoined, and Freakman cursed his existence yet again. It just so happened that Hacker_Dan (aka dan) showed up and read about this struggle. He then promptly changed his nick to TheFerret23. This caused Freakman even more frustration, and the result that all active members of the channel at this point changed their nick to TheFerret2x.


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