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About Martin

Martin is one of the original members of - user #4 to be precise, preceeded by a test account, Tony and Hacker Dan. His birthday is January 15th, 1986, which makes him 20 years old and quickly catching up to the venerable wtd. He joined on August 18th, 2002.

Currently he is a student at the University of Waterloo, on a coop term in Japan (and has some pictures to share) working for Epson as a code monkey. An ex-computer science student, he now studies applied mathematics and is also pursuing a minor in economics. He will be back in Waterloo for his 2A term in the Fall of 2006.

When Martin was in grade 10, he met Tony online while bitching about his marks on another Turing help website.

He occasionaly goes by the alias 'Drealoth' while online - a homage to one of his old Dungeons & Dragons characters.

On the IRC channel he goes by the name mdkess.

Co-operative Education

Martin is a Waterloo co-op student, and has held two co-op jobs.

  • January 2005 - April 2005. Department of National Defense, Kingston, Ontario. For his first co-op job, Martin worked for the Department of National Defense assisting in the development of their military simulation software.
  • September 2005 - August 2006. Epson Avasys, Matsumoto, Japan. Martin got a job in Japan. He's not entirely sure how that happened, but now he lives in the Land of the Rising Sun developing Java applications using JavaServer Faces.


Martin's current computer is an iMac G5 dual booting OSX and Debian Linux. He likes OSX, but thinks that it needs virtual terminals and Apple really has to FTFF.

His computer is a 1.9GHz G5 with 1.5GB of DDR2 ram and a 128mb Radeon 9600 pro.

Martin's other big toy is a Yamaha P140 Digital Piano that he bought in Japan. Through use of a MIDI cable, this allows Apple's software Garage Band to slowly suck his life away.


Martin votes Green and thinks that you should too.

Cool Stuff

If you are a Java programmer interested in making games, you should check out the Lightweight Java Game Library which features Java bindings for OpenGL (for 3d graphics), DevIL (for input) and OpenAL (for audio).

If you have a lot of friends.

Other interests

Stella Artois

Martin is a huge indie rock fan, especially Canadian indie rock. His favourite bands include The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, The Stars, Death from Above 1979 and Broken Social Scene. His favourite beer is Stella Artois.

Martin is also a large fan of the many Japanese girls that he meets in his travels. He likes dancing and theoretical physics.

He strongly dislikes organized religion as well as fundamentalists of any faith.


"JavaServer Faces + Japanese Error messages + Japanese Specification makes for one very confused Canadian code monkey."[1]

"Maybe God created the earth mid-stride 100 years ago. I mean, who would want to sit around and wait for billions of years for something interesting to happen? Here, God gets an exciting [first] 50 years complete with an economic collapse and two world wars."[2]

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