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SuperFreak82 is a frequent poster at the forums where he has been a member since January 11th 2006. Currently he has 546 posts to his name, with no indication that its going to stop there. With these posts he has a total of 1512 bits.


SuperFreak82's real name is Clayton Shier, he lives in the small town of Shelburne, ON where he lives with his parents, his sister, two cats and a dog. He is 16 years old, going into grade 11 for the 06/07 school year.


  • Programming
  • Sports

Baseball in particular

  • Aviation

He hopes to one day be a pilot

  • Music

Anything but rap

  • Warcraft III


Can't even spell it (he thinks...)

  • Time wasters
  • Stupid questions


During his time at, SuperFreak82 has written three tutorials that are contained in the Turing Walkthrough, each of which have added to his bit count considerably, they are (in order of appearance):

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